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 Where And What is Tiger Leaping Gorge?

Dear nature-loving friends, if you want to experience the real Tiger Leaping Gorge, come visit the Middle Tiger Gorge of the Walnut Garden Village! We promise an unforgettable experience and it will definitely be worth your time!

Stay for at least a night or two, or even a week, to fully immerse yourself in the best of the mother nature! A complete experience of the gorge will require more than just a few hours of visit - this is unlike typical sight seeing tour groups who will bring you to view just the first section of the gorge. Come visit the Middle Section to truly experience the magnificene of the Tiger Leaping Gorge,  where we will bring you to secret locations where you will get to see the most beautiful parts of Yunnan.
     It is easy to travel to the Walnut Garden Village. You can choose from the following routes:

1) Drive from Lijiang to Sean's Guesthouse: 2 hours

2) High Trail trekking from Qiaotou to Sean's Guesthouse: 7 hours

For easy day trips, most people choose to hike from Sean's Guesthouse, where they can drop their baggage there. A private tour from half a day to 5 days can be tailored according to your preference, and allow Sean to share the most amazing sights of the gorge with you.


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