Middle Gorge trekking

 Middle Tiger leaping gorge condition:

 The Middle Leaping Tiger Gorge is the original birthplace of tiger leaping gorge , nothing of the 3 points, from the commercial operation, people's survival gap, classification and hierarchical people accustomed to things, there were 3 natural what is said, the middle Leaping Tiger Gorge is the most narrow spot, the canyon rapids the most turbulent, middle leaping gorge in to walnut garden parts is a 90 degree Angle vertically until the 3000 - meter - high screen peak, is the world centers. Go to tiger leaping gorge scenic spot has the multiple paths is optional, but from walnut garden village to enter, relative to ease a lot, especially with the old man and the child's family, should ride bus until Sean’s spring Guest house, then put stuff, a little preparation, choose according to yourself circumstance on foot again, of course the sight across the tiger leaping gorge in the path, you can choose from ladder or teacher zhang’s to returned highway the path. middle leaping gorge from under the Sean’s spring inn, you can see the farmers' way of life and land, terrace and green wheat or corn, pumpkin and flowers and plants in the fields, across the field while you can see the ancestors came here before liberation is the hole digging gold. Actually the sight was 1958 highway for geological exploration and temporary dig the path, the path width is more than 1 meters is carved on the mountain. The water is under the sight is back from the road to a place a look at both sides and river at the foot of the mountain can see caught in the middle between the sky and a line still has a gap because cliff road, a little physical strength can freely up and down, leave good memories for your holiday.