Tiger Leaping Gorge Spring Guesthouse

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    Sean is the first person to Open up shop in the gorge, the first to open a guesthouse in the gorge, the first (English-speaking person/person to learn English) in the gorge, the first person to marry a beautiful foreigner & the first person to do business with foreigners. Sean is disabled but takes pride in his abilities as a strong, knowledgeable mountain guide. He is the only person to be highly diligent in the protection of Tiger Leaping Gorge. has been living in Tiger Leaping Gorge for five generations.

Sean is the most experienced guide in Tiger Leaping Gorge.

 Sean is the 1985 Tiger Leaping Gorge white water rafting guide.

  Stay with Sean & you will have a safe journey in this area.

   Sean has been a guide more than a thousand times to people trekking the Tiger Leaping Gorge high trail.  Sean opened up the high trail by the 1st of October, 1996. He is the gorge’s trailblazer.

  Sean is the only person in Tiger Leaping Gorge to mention the protection of nature and campaign against the gorge dam.

  Sean is a local man of Tibetan origin. He opened his home and his heart to the first rare Western travelers to venture this way in the 1983s. Talking with visitors and studying, when and wherever he could, he taught himself English, now Sean is the only person to fluently speak English locally.Sean's spring Guesthouse,From the two rooms in 1983 to the current admission of 80 people, Sean's spring Guesthouse is a witness, witness and sharer of shangri-la tourism.The exquisite, open balcony, warm room, delicious food and fluent English communication have become the first choice for many travelers in the world to rest in the walnut garden village.

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