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 Sean's Spring Guest House is #1 a famous Guest-house recommended by the Lonely Planet Guide in 1994 and Rough Guide in 2006 for the international backpackers and leisure travelers who would like to go for a hiking or know more about this Tibetan area , Tiger Leaping Gorge ,Shangri-la and the Yunnan province, an original Tibetan style building, was established in 1983 & was the first guesthouse in Tiger Leaping Gorge(hu tiao xia) to be built in the village. The guesthouse offers the services of a responsible mountain guide in the form of Sean himself, luxurious, cozy rooms (the best beds in China!) & guaranteed 24 hours hot water. The guesthouse also has (halleluiah!) western toilets , great food & actually possess the only bathtubs (ensuite rooms) in China as far as we've heard! Great for soaking away the aches & pains of a long hike. Best of all, the terrace looks out onto a dramatic 2000m cliff,The environment of the Sean’s Spring Guest House is elegant. There is a restaurant under the open-air tree. The garden paradise can be seen. The beauty of nature is comprehended and the rural villages are facing the present. Yulong Snow Mountain 90 degrees screen, fantasy of the temple bodhisattva is in the screen, Here are 5 days of free choice trip for you to choose, Middle Tiger Gorge scenic spot, Haba Peak overlooking the entire gorge at ones; Bamboo Forest Path, Tiger Leaping Gorge High Trail; Beautiful Scenery Tour of Baishuitai and Haba Village. is the Tiger Leaping Gorge most comfortable tourist center, where you can learn more about country life experiences and unexpected knowledge. Now that's something to look at with your cocktails in the evening!we had new dining room with Europe firstove keeps all day warm room !!

Trekking the Tiger Leaping Gorge
    Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the world's deepest canyons, is 17 kilometers long, separated by Haba Snow Mountain and Yulong Snow Mountain, and the Jinsha River passes through it, it is divided uper into the middle and the lower three sections, and the river flow in the gorge has dropped seven consecutive scarps, with a drop of 170 meters, and the water potential is raging, and the number of rivers is heard. Currently tourism has been developed on the uper Tiger Leaping Gorge, there are well-known Tiger Leaping stone.The Tiger Leaping Gorge was partially constructed by local villagers.In addition to the flood season, the water potential of the tiger leaping gorge is spectacular, and from the water potential of the year, the tiger 
leaping gorge the most spectacular. Under the tiger gorge, the water potential is very gentle, and the general tourists will not going to middle tiger leaping gorge .

   Today, we are going to take the Tiger Leaping Gorge high trail hiking route, starting from the Shangri-La Tiger Leaping Gorge town, walking on the mountains side of the canyon.We plain the time of a day to try hiking through the uper tiger leaping gorge and the middle tiger leaping gorge. Because of the Lijiang to Shangri-la railway and highway speed are in construction(may continued for 5 years to finish) so this line of the hiking starting point chooses from Naxi family Guest house, we invite to go with "gold medal guide" Sean Spring Xia accompanies travel.we take drivel to Naxi then 7: 25am we start walk,the most difficult to go "28 bend ", the path is almost continuous climbing, which is the most physical exertion journey,we need to rest many times on theway. As one of the 10 most beautiful and classic hiking trails in world, today it is also called an "international trail" because of its beautiful scenery and the fact that there are no surprises or dangers.Many foreigners, people of different colors and languages, were walking with each other, and their physical strength still looked good.There are also with children, young children to challenge the spirit of hardship, through the " 28 bend ", which lasted nearly two hours to the " Tea Horse guest house " in goat foot village. Because the village pillars like goat foot comes named.11: 23am we reach to the bendiwan village at the halfway house, we took long time for lunch,after lunch, 13: 50pm departure for continued hiking,  By pass dragon hole waterfalls, Guanyin Temple, all the way gently. 14 : 40pm we reach to the teacher Zhang's Inn. From the Trail of Teacher Zhang to the bottom of the gorge in the valley. The Tiger Leaping Gorge is famous for its danger in the world. The Tiger Leaping on foot stone,the Jinsha River waters stormy, the steep green hills on both sides of the Strait, and the magnificent momentum are by no means comparable to the uper tiger gorge section. After a short rest, you can climb up the ladder to the main road.To the right you can see the one line sky path. We choose to go to the "one line sky path" after a section of the cliff on the cliff, looking back is a line of days, the legend is that even the birds are afraid to go back to Xiang place. After nearly an hour on foot arrived at the village of walnut garden three groups, a few minutes by car, at 17: 30pm we arrived at the famous Sean's spring G.H.the are From the two rooms in 1983 to now can accept 80 people to stay, Sean's spring Xia is the Shangri-La tourism flourishing witness,witness and sharer person.The Guest house courtyard dam exquisite, the balcony is open, the room are warm, the meal was delicious, fluent English exchange, become countless countries in the world visitors in walnut Garden Village rest the first choice, here has the most cool balcony, as if snow-capped mountains and white clouds within reach, distant mountains, canyon scenery panoramic view.The rest chatted and rocked slowly. I heard that at night drinking and chatting on the balcony, watching the stars is the most pleasant thing, looking back the passed trail, do not pay hardships, how to know how beautiful the scenery on the road. Over looking the trail ahead, the most beautiful scenery is always on the way trekking.

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