Tiger Leaping Gorge Spring Guesthouse

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 WALNUT GARDEN - HeTaoYuan(核桃园)

Sean's Guesthouse Welcomes you to Tiger Leaping Gorge !!

Sean's Spring Guesthouse is located in south to Qiaotou (Tiger Leaping Gorge town) 22 kilometre, Est-south to Lijiang city 110 Kilometre ,north-west to Shangri-la (zhongdian) city120kilometre,drive car take about  from both side2-3 hours, est-north to Shangri-la take car about 7hrs (170kms), 42 kilometre to Haba village and 70 kilometre to white water terrace (baishuitai), 20kms to Daju(bus only going to Lijiang),40minutes walk down to the Yangtze River,1 hour walk down to the middle Gorge, is in middle of the Walnut Garden village. 

Definitely the place to stay if you're into exploring/trekking the Gorge area. Even for non-serious hikers, there are trails nearby the hostel where one can easily reach the Yangtze River - not a problem at all & relatively safe. There was a lack of staffing during our visit even then Daisy, the owner's daughter was very friendly & helpful. View from the room was just awesome. Beds are comfortable & amenities very good. Jessica, from Malaysia ~ 1st Apr 2016

 Actually Sean's place is a beautiful place with wonderful rooms very well decorated with climate control ! food is delicious, the staff here are very kind and dedicated .Sean was an excellent host. here is the first base-camp for people who like to take the photograph, Exciting trekking, Climbing mountain or  sightsee around!  we provide car pick up people from airport and take people visit around this area !

Gorge Both trails and road converge in the middle of the Gorge at its major village of He Tao Yuan, Walnut Garden, a scatter of low houses of rough stone and weatherworn timbers, above the snarling river. is heart of the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Hiking in the gorge is a highlight for many people on this trip with its overhangs, steep walls and Waterfall. people trek through the gorge to our Sean’s spring guesthouse at Walnut Garden; Probably the guesthouse with the most spectacular view in all of China. There is no place more fitting To spend a day of rest and relaxation than immersed in the beauty of Tiger Leaping Gorge. For the energetic there are plenty of hiking opportunities; walk the plunging forest tracks to the gorge itself or venture off on the high trail to plunge yourself into a gushing waterfall. Otherwise sit back, relax and soak in the truly awe inspiring views of this remarkable natural wonder.

 This is where I,  Sean (Xia Shan Quan), live with my three daughters: Daisy, Rosy and Lucy. I am a local man of Tibetan origin.  opened this home and my heart to the first rare and Western People Travel to venture this way in the 1983s. The original stone house is now the south side room with bathroom building , is only the house you can see is slate rock piece cover the roof, but comfortable guesthouse among the mountains. It was Sean who first painted trail-markers of yellow arrows. Talking with visitors and study, when and wherever I could, I taught myself English.

We do Pick up Service from on the Road in the gorge! Call: 0887 8806829

Drive car  from Lijiang about 3hrs way 110km to Sean's Guest house, from Zhongdian 118km , both two city has airplane for inside China direct fly service. All travelers Visit this area you must know 

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Walnut Garden Village & Sean's guesthouse (Photo - Sean's spring)

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