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        Better still, ask someone who lives there! Local people are also part of the existence here and need transportation too! No matter the season and what the weather is, take your time, bring a rain coat and good outdoor boots and just go - don't just sit and plan it in your head! a specially don't ask Lijiang Guest house,they are all commercialize talking, they all try to keep you stay in city for ever !!

    Actually Lijiang and shangri-la has big raining doesn't meaning Tiger Leaping Gorge is raining. Lijiang higher than Sean's Guesthouse 500 meters, Shangri-la higher than Sean's Guesthouse 1500 meters, normally where clouds cover place could have rain, no clouds cover place can be sunny, at Sean's Guesthouse elevation is just 1970 meters, most time is sunny, even no sunny but not easy to get raining, so most time Lijiang people just make commercialize talking story to scare the visitor, but Tiger Leaping Gorge is just good enough for trekking, we are living in yangtze river side, not on high mountain or high land, don't be miss understand.

SPRING - February, March, April. The Chinese Spring Festival (春节) in February is a major holiday period from the first to the fifteenth of the first lunar month. With most of China visiting their families, transport and accommodation is heavily booked. Anybody intending to hike the gorge in this period is strongly advised to pre-book accommodation. By the end of February through May, temperature average is in between 20º to 30º degree.  the walnut trees start to sprout their first young leaves of spring. Their soft lime green is challenged by the darker green of the winter wheat grown in terraces high above the Yangzi. The afternoon sun already hints at a hot summer ahead. By March other Colourful of nature help paint the scene with soft creams and pinks as the first fruit trees flower.

SUMMER -May, June, July in the Gorge is perhaps the finest time for hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge with crisp air. In the winter, expect temperatures of 10-26 degrees and during the summer around 30-45 degrees. It is the perfect place for photographing the snowcapped mountains set against the bright blue afternoon skies. There is no snow or ice on the trails - only on the mountain tops. The Yangzi River runs clear and is a delightful greenish blue. The mornings and evenings will be chilly but the afternoons, usually are surprisingly warm. A good time to sit on a sunny rock and take in your surroundings.

AUTUMN - August, September, October are the most fickle and unpredictable times of year for hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge as it is the rainy season temperature average is in between 24 to 36 degree . Check this area's weather by clicking this  weather or underground but most of the time when they show it is raining, it is actually sunny in the gorge. Days of in tensed dry heat and the dazzling glare of cloud and drizzle are equally likely. After several days of rain, landslides may block the way, especially on the lower road. These landslides can range from the "very easy to across" . The local authorities clear rock-falls fairly quickly and alternative tracks can be taken or a local guide used. But it is always advisable to check on the latest Gorge conditions before you travel. in some of the website reported in summer from july to october are  from raining season, dangous and officially closed from this https://www.victorstravels.com/resources-tips/hiking/tiger-leaping-gorge/ is very bad website reported. especially this season is shangri-la tourist season,maybe from the road landslide could be close for one or two weeks but can not be closed for three month,see some visitors honest writing belower!

Hi Sean, here are some words from me about my experience: "I came to Sean's guesthouse as I heard that it was the original guesthouse in the area. It didn't disappoint. Sean and all his staff can speak great English, and the guesthouse has a great atmosphere. I felt very relaxed there, the way it is built and constructed is very natural and unique. Staying at Sean's, I did the tiger leaping gorge upper trail hike, which was perfectly safe even in the supposed rainy season. He offers good advice, I would stay here again!","Even if there's a reported landslide, these are normally on the lower bottom road and do not affect the safety of the upper trail" 

WINTER - November, December,  January , temperature average is in between 10 to 20 degree . The winter is mostly dry Here in the Gorge, we don't get snow in the winter, but we can see the snow on the mountain peak are very pleasant times to hike Tiger Leaping Gorge - during this period season, the Gorge is full of the Colour as the corn is harvested from the fields. The treacherous summer rains ease, and the trails become firm and dry underfoot.  Any more information what you need to know, just link  top menu list see the drop-down list!

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