Tiger Leaping Gorge Spring Guesthouse

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TEL: 0887 8806829 /15894367846
FAX: 0887 8806829
Mobile: 015894367846 / 15894367846
down payment Overtime charge:10   /Hour
Room Information:

  Common double room is suite 1x 2 meter beds in the room,room face to the mountain and farmer lands and terrace.room with out private bathroom, the shower and western toilet is in the other room. 

    For the guarantee keep room for your booking, the booking system default to use the credit card. if not then you can add Sean's wechat ID: Realmenhere and pay through by wechat for 30% the room price deposit( no refundable if you don't show up), other ways have to pay through by paypal . then we can keep the room's for you.our web online booking need tobe carefully to file all the list follow show up and don't fogetting to the last step submit ! more booking rules have look the link: http://www.tigerleapinggorge.com/content/?266.html

Booking Rules: http://www.tigerleapinggorge.com/about/?159.html

电话:86-887-8806829 / 15758456256; 传真:86-887-8806829   
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