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      From Sean's Spring Guesthouse it is format in middle of 8 to hike uphill to Haba (MT) peak ,waterfall bamboo forest and Bai Shui Tai (white water terrace). this few year has many people use our guesthouse to be the base camp, take car to our place then choose the day trip around this area! There is no marked trail and use of a mountain guide is highly recommended. By road to Haba is more than 42kms. It is possible to hitch a ride. There are a few vehicles Traveling the road but hitchhiking is uncertain.

 Front phone:(+86)15758456256 /  (+86) 15894367846 or email: tigerleapinggorges@gmail.com, tigerleapinggorge@yahoo.com  to arrange a mountain guide.

For extended hiking trips to discover more of the gracious scenery and fascinating culture of this delightful tucked away corner of Yunnan you can: send an inquiry to Sean by email or fax or ask when you come to Walnut Garden.

See our section GUIDE HIRE AND ESCORTED TOURS for more information.

Golden monky (photo by Sean)

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