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Hiking the gorge -What to bring ?     

There was a naughty Boy,

and a naughty boy was he,

He would not stop at home,

he could not quiet be -

He took in his Knapsack

A Book full of vowels

And a shirt with some towels -

A slight cap for night cap -

A hair brush,

Comb ditto, New stockings

For old ones

Would split O!

 - John Keats -

Water is essential !

    At least a Liter in winter, two in spring and autumn and three in the summer. Sufficient water is critical to your health and safety as well as your enjoyment of the hike. I cannot stress this enough. It is best to wear several thin layers for hiking as you will soon warm up. Don't forget a hat and sunscreen whatever the season and sunglasses are also a good idea as the ultraviolet is quite strong. You will need a torch and toilet roll for that urgent call of nature in the middle of the night! Matches or a lighter to burn any paper used along the trail is also a good idea. No matter what the weather may be, you have to bring a rain coat and good pair of trekking boots. If you want to climb the Haba mountain, take a look at what we wore in the photo below! You must have some good clothes like feather fine hair clothes, a strong backpack, warm water bottle (2-3 litres), waterproof mountaineering boots, warm socks,  warm glove, headlight, sunglasses. The Sean's small store at Sean's Guesthouse sells basic toilet roil, batteries, water, soft drinks, beer and chocolate .The linen at Sean's Guesthouse is very clean - guarantee change every night. Qiaotou has a good selection and you can get your chocolate or snacks at the directly opposite the  Gorge Ticket Office gate store.

    Beds at Sean's each have an electric blanket but in winter you'll need a warm jacket to enjoy stargazing through our powerful telescope on the stone terrace. At the moment, Sean has internet access, so you can contact home. If you have finished reading a book, you may swap it for another at Sean's. Or put on your favorite music tape/CD/VCD/mp3/iPod in our sound system. If you want to know how is our Food ,Just link Food MENU . then you will see !

Any more information what you need to know, just link  left side Position Vacant menu list !!

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