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 Warmly welcome To Sean’s  Spring   Guest House (Our special food is add Marijuana) and Maca ( The alkaloids MACA composition can function with the pituitary, can rise to resist fatigue, antidepressants, promote ovulation functions), we had Maca coffee here !

 For our place Food , You can have look with Link here:  Sean's real western and tibetan Food .
In the Guesthouse, lily cooks great fresh food, most people come to stay our Guesthouse is because of really good food and clean comfortable room, if you could have time to  join our life here, you better make booking Room through by our website or directly call us in the front office !!
M    E   N   U
If you Enjoy The Food, Tell  your friend; 
If you Don’t ! Tell Us Please
Cold drinks
Large water
Coconut juice
Tamarind Juice
Orange water
Cold tea bottle
Orange Juice (Fresh)
APPLE Juice (Fresh)
Tomato Juice (Fresh)
Sprite, Coke
Light coke
Tonic Water
Soda Water
Dali Beer(12p)
Dali Beer(10.5p)
Tsing Tao Beer
Vitamin water
Banana shake
Red Bull  (Vitamin Drink)
Hot drinks
Green Tea
Mint Tea
Snow Tea
Jasmine Tea
Black Tea
Black Tea +Milk (Pure milk)
Black Tea +Honey
Ginger Tea
Ginger Tea +Honey
Ginger Tea +Coke
Lemon Tea
Hot lemon
Cinnamon Tea
Tibetan Butter Tea
Sean's special tea
Hot Milk  (Pure milk)
Hot Honey water
Happy tea
Black Nescafe
Nescafe + Milk  (Puremilk)
strong Black Nescafe
+ Milk  (Pure milk)
Black Nescafe + Brandy
Black Nescafe +Whiskey
Yunnan Coffee
Espresso Coffee Black
Espresso Coffee +Milk (Pure milk)
Cappuccino Coffee (Pure milk)
Yunnan Coffee +Brandy
Hot Chocolate (Pure milk)
Mocha Coffee (Pure milk)
Mocha Coffee +Brandy
Mocha Coffee +Whiskey
Muesli +Yogurt
Muesli Yoghurt +Fruit
Rice  Porridge
Corn  Porridge
Boild eggs(2)
Poached eggs(2)
Fried eggs(2)
OMLETE (3 eggs)
Ham Omlete
Cheese Omlete
Tomato Onion Omlete
Herb Omlete
Cheese Tomato Onion Omle
Sakshuka Omlete
 X-tra put 4Y each
Bread+ Honey or Jam or Butter
Bread + Eggs
Bread + Banana
Bread + apple
Bread + Garlic
Bread + Peanut Butter
Bread with mozzarella
Bread with vegemite
Happy Bread
X-tra put 4Y each
Eggs sandwiches
Cheese sandwiches
Tomato +  Eggs sandwiches
Cheese + Tomato sandwiches
Ham + Tomato sandwiches
Beef + Tomato sandwiches
Chicken + Tomato sandwiches
CheeseTomato+Eggs sandwiches
Apple sandwiches
Banana sandwiches
Vegetable soup
Vegetable Noodle soup
Vegetable Eggs + Noodle soup
Potato Tomato soup
Potato + Tomato + Egg soup
Pumpkin soup
Tomato + Egg soup
Hot and sour soup
Corn soup
Corn + Eggs soup
Mushroom soup
Combination soup
Special Combination soup
Chicken + Vegetable soup
Chicken + Potato soup
Beef + Vegetable soup
Pork + Vegetable soup
Boiled potato
Mashed potato
Mashed potato & tomato
Fried potato
Fried Potato + Tomato
potato & pumpkin
French Fries
Hash Browns .w. eggs
Sean’s Special Fries
Potato Balls
Baked +Stuffed With Cheese, Butter+ Salt
Toast Potato & butter
Steamed vege
Steamed Vege+ Eggs
Steamed Vege+ Cheese
Steamed Vege+ Mushroom
Fried vegetable
Fried vege+ Eggs
Fried vege+ Cheese
Fried vege+ Mushroom
Fried  Pumpkin+ Veges
Fried Eggs+ Tomato
Fried Tomato+ onions
Fried Beans
Fried Corn
Fried  Eggplant
Fried Mushroom, tomato
Fried Mixed Vegs+ eggs
Mixed Vegs Cheese eggs
Mixed Vege mushroom, cheese
Corn on cob with butter
Boilde Corn with butter
Vegetable Pie
Spring rollsVege salad
Plain Rice
Fried Rice+ vege
Rice+ Eggs+ vege Rice+ Cheese+ vege
Rice+ Mushroom+ vege
Fried rice with every thing
ried Noodles + Eggs
Fried Noodles
Fried Noodles + Cheese
Fried Noodles + Eggs Cheese
Noodle w. everything
Beef pie
Beef steak
Fried Beef
Fried Rice+ Beef
Curry Beef
Quick fry Chicken
Chicken Steake
Chicken Pie
Fried Rice vege chicken
Fried chicken + vegetable
Curry Chicken
Pork pie
Pork steak
Fried Pork + Vege
Fried Pork + Vege+ Rice
Curry pork
fried Ham 
Cheese+Veg Burrito
Cheese Eggs Burrito
Egg + Veg Burrito
Ham + Veg Burrito
Beef + Veg Burrito
Chicken + Veg Burrito
Chicken + Veg + Cheese Burrito
Vege Pizza
Pizza + Eggs
Pizza +Ham
Chicken Pizza
Beef Pizza
Cheese +Veg Dumpling
Meat +Veg Dumpling
Fried Cheese
Yak cheese
Salty Pancakes 
         Tibetan Pancakes
Pumpking Pancakes
Pancakes .w. meat
Pancakes .w. vege
Pancakes .w. Vege meat
Pancakes .w. Mushroom
Pancakes .w. cheese
Pancakes .w. herbles
Happy Pancakes
Add any thing with Happy
Sweet pancakes
Pancakes .w. honey
Buck wheat Pancakes
Lemon Pancakes
Pancakes .w. apple
Pancakes .w. Banana
Pancakes .w. walnut
Pancakes .w. chocolate sauce
Banana pie
Walnut pie
Apple pie
Chocolate Cake
Fried apple
Fried Banana
Plus chocolate sauce
Fruit salad + Honey
Fruit salad + Yoghurt
Apple fresh
Banana fresh
Tomato fresh
Fresh  Lemon
Rice Budding
Walnut .w. honey
Wine          Bottle
Yin White
Ginsens Whiskey
Plum Whiskey
Great Wall Dry Red
Great Wall Dry White
Dynasty Dry Red
Tibetan dryRed
Moutai Dry Red
YunNan dry Red
London dry Gin+ 4 Tonic
Gin Tonic
Absolut Vodka  750ml + 4 sprite
Vodka + Sprite
Vodka + Orange juice
Remy Martin v.s.o.p
Hennessy v.s .o.p
Black label
Chivas Regal Whisky
Jack Daniel’s 
Borde aux rouge
Helpful stuff for Sale:
Head torch: L.E.D BULB battery, life.
100hours Ideal: For walking and
Reading.Very small pocket Size           
Camera special Battery                         
Kit Kats                                                 
Dove Bar                                               
Chewing Gum                                          
Tiger Leaping Gorge Ti-shirt                
Roll Film: k200                                     
Toilet paper (roll)                                   
If you Are our Friend, you can have OR get Real Good Stuff for smoke or eat in our place, But if you have to pay it  !!
If you don’t or with out ask, we do not Give You, so you don’t have to worry
If you don’t Like  it !!!
Laundry service    
大衣                  Overcoat           
外衣                   Jacket               
毛衣                  Sweater             
牛仔裤              Jeans                 
长裤                  Trousers              
衬衣                    Shirt                     
圆领汗衫            T-shirt                   
浴巾                      Towel                    
短裤                      shorts                     
内衣                      Undershirt              
内裤                      Underpants           
袜子(双)                Socks (pair)           
鞋垫(双)                Insole(pair)           
手帕                       Handkerchief        
个性T-恤价目表 selfhood marked price list
一张纸/一件T-恤(One piece paper one T-shirt)
白色空白T-恤 White blank t-shirt
杏色空白T-恤 Apricot blank t-shirt
灰色空白T-恤 Gray blank t-shirt 
蓝色空白T-恤 Blueness  blank t-shirt
黑色空白T-恤 Black  blank t-shirt
印花服装 Printing accouterments
长袖转印衫 Long sleeve shirt
文化转印衫 Short sleeve T-shirt
打印彩像     A4 Polychrome mimeo gragh
烫花              iron pyro graph
国产画纸      made in china draw paper 
进口画纸      Import draw paper
深色转印纸   Deep color transfer paper
浅色转印纸   Tint transfer paper
Sean  is your Experience Mountain Guide,  any day trip guide available our place!!
            Sean and family
Copyright: (3865933/34462369 19-29) Sean's Guesthouse


Telephone : (+86) 13988733935, Cell phone: (0) 158 9436 7846