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    Welcome to Sean’s guesthouse located in the heart of China’s stunning Tiger Leaping Gorge. Our Guesthouse opened in 1986 and is proudly the first guesthouse to be open to anyone wishing the visit the gorge. We provide a peaceful, natural retreat away from the busyness of the upper gorge suitable for anyone looking for an authentic or quiet getaway. We are located in the middle gorge, a perfect place for avid hikers to use as their base whilst traversing the gorge. Additionally, for those passing through it can be a short stopover in which to enjoy a stunning view from our terrace and a delightful homemade meal. Whichever you intention, we’re confident we can offer you one of the most comfortable and relaxing stays you can have in the gorge.

    What do we offer

    We are able to help organise your entire stay here.

    This includes:

    - Offering in depth information about the hikes available in the gorge, and some of the surrounding area hikes such as Haba Snow Mountain (insert Chinese).

    - Organising and setting up tours to hike across the local landscapes.

    - Help book public transport into and out of the gorge.

    To inquire about any of these, please contact us on any of the provided platforms located at the bottom of the page, we will be happy to help!

    Our guesthouse also offers these features:

    - Incredibly stunning views of the Middle Gorge and its gargantuan parallel mountains that stretch kilometres in front and behind the guesthouse.

    - Cosy, clean and comfortable rooms complete with all necessary amenities and including individually hand-crafted stone baths.

    - Handmade organic meals with an extensive menu including western and Chinese dishes, some of which include; pies, pizzas and burritos.

    - Laundry and other miscellaneous needs can be met also, just ask us and we’ll see what we can do.

    - A quiet, relaxing atmosphere away from the swath of tourists that now populate the upper gorge and their guesthouses.

    A couple testimonies

    Here’s what a few of our customers wished to share with you.

    “Very good English speaking and was always polite. The food from Lucy was perfect with a big variety (Western/Chinese).”

    “My hiking holiday was the best I had and experiencing the peak of a 5396m mountain was GREAT.”

    “As soon as you start hiking or walking you are in nature. A beautiful experience,”

    “There are many possibilities here. You can hike for 2 or 10 hours if you want. Thu guide was always available.”

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