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Haba Mountain Tour

Haba Snow Mountain (haba xueshan) boasts glaciers, lakes and waterfalls, and contains one of the best preserved nature reserves in Shangri-la. The main peak of the mountain is 5396m above sea level and is capped with snow all year round. On the mountain side, crystal-clear glaciers hang and the valleys on the northern side of the mountain are dotted with numerous lakes, the most beautiful being Heihai Lake. Each year between June and August millions of azaleas come into bloom. One of the most unusual things about this spot is that you can walk on the flowers without crushing them! There are also many waterfalls here. Tumbling down the northeastern side of the mountain is Haba Waterfall, also known as the "Great Hanging Water", which is more than 200m high and pours down with an amazing momentum. The mountain is also rich in animal resources. Yunnan

gold-haired monkeys, rhesus monkey, wild boar and even snow leopards, pandas and black bears inhabit this wild land. Rare plants and medical herbs also thrive here, including orchids, lily and Chinese caterpillar fungi.

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From haba village to the base-camp, it takes an average walk of 5-6hours (we did it in 4.5 hours). The base-camp is 4,100meters in elevation. From here, we hike up to 4,900 meters in 3hours, and another 2 hours to the top. If there is no snow up to the 4,900m point, you can easily get there in 2hours, and another 1.5 hours to the top (highest peak elevation is 5,406 meters). Back in April 2007, we started climbing at 6.30am and reached the peak at 11.30am - all in  5 hours trekking and climbing.

Essential items for the climb: climbing gear: snow cover, tent, ice pick, crampon ,health food, especial tea for climbing mountain we provide and enough for 14 people.

sleeping bag, warm glove, headlight, sunglasses,  garbage bag, assault pants , feather fine hair clothes, waterproof backpack, warm water bottle 2-3 liters, waterproof mountaineering boots, warm socks,  headgear, you have to prepare if you really want to Join with our trip to climbing mountain or whatever to take Photos of the mountain !

The upper section of the Yangzi River in northern Yunnan province is called Golden Sand River. She runs between her sisters - the Salween and Mekong Rivers. Golden Sand wanted to marry the eastern sea. A dream told her so. Therefore, she made a sudden turn east to meet the sea, but her jealous brothers, Haba and Jade Dragon Snow Mountains, blocked her way. They guarded her passage day and night, until one night Haba fell asleep on duty, allowing Golden Sand to slip past leaving the deep Tiger Leaping Gorge behind her speedy escape. When Jade Dragon awoke to find her gone, he was so angry with his brother that he beat one side of his brother’s face. So, Haba’s head fell on the western side, leaving his peak little shorter and flatter today. The gorge left by Golden Sand can hardly be described. It sits between these towering giants and it seems impossible that such a huge river could find its way through. Between the banks of the river to the mountain peaks is a 10,000(3,300m) vertical feet wall of jagged rock. These peaks reach heights past 16,000 feet(5,600m). It is the world’s deepest gorge. It’s hard to keep your mouth closed in awe!

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